Annullato il tour dei Down By Law

Annullato il tour dei Down By Law
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Annullato il tour dei Down By Law

Notizia di poche ore fa: è saltato (nuovamente)  il tour europeo dei Down By Law, vengono dunque annullate le tre date italiane di Bologna, Torino e Milano fissate per il 22, 23 e 24 luglio.

Questo il comunicato dell’agente europeo:

we are very sorry to announce that the DBL tour canceled (again).
the sad but simple reason is that their Management don’t booked their flights in time.
now – very close to tour start they realized flights are way to expensive.
we asked them weekly for Details but they never replied to any of our mails!
We cant tell you how sorry we are but this wasn’t in our hands!
Thanx for all your hard work!
Benny -Klownhouse

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