BLACK FLAG: in streaming il nuovo album

BLACK FLAG: in streaming il nuovo album
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BLACK FLAG: in streaming il nuovo album

I Black Flag hanno messo in streaming sulla piattaforma spotify il nuovo album intitolato “What The…” 

Per l’ascolto e il log in cliccate su questo link:

Il frontman Ron Reyes ha inoltre rilasciato un commento sulla nuova, orrida (secondo il mio personalissimo punto di vista), copertina:

“Well I gotta admit that I was the one who designed this. I submitted several designs all of which I liked much better. But this is the one that stuck. Originally it was black n white but then I was asked to add some color. I was aiming for something kinda fun and not serious like some early Descendents art. I fully expected that some folks would hate it. I guess I was right. Does that make me prophetic? Lol. lighten up folks geesh its only rock n roll”.

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