MOTO punk rock USA + Goonies new album release party!

  • 19 novembre 2017 - 20 novembre 2017 at 9:30 pm
  • Little Italy live music bar
Ingresso Libero

Sedia Booking Family, Otis Tours and Little Italy Cafè proudly presents:

* M.O.T.O. – Punk Rock from New England USA *

M.O.T.O. is an American garage punk rock band, currently based in New England. Formed in New Orleans in 1981 by Paul Caporino, the lineup of the band has seen many changes over the years, with Caporino being the only consistent member.
Since its inception, M.O.T.O. has been playing all over North America as well as Europe, Australia, Japan and China with their massive sing-along punk rock anthems, earning a worldwide cult following while amassing an extensive, varied discography. The band has recorded many albums, singles and CDs, including several albums for the Chicago-based record label Criminal IQ Records, and Blast of Silence based out of Finland. Their most recent releases are the CD version of their 2013 LP Chinese Rocks (Or A Fistful Of Maobacks) mostly recorded during their tour of China, and I Hate My Fucking Band, a tribute album featuring a variety of well-known Japanese bands covering M.O.T.O. tracks as well as a track by the band itself, released by Secret Mission Records of St. Paul, MN.
The touring lineup for M.O.T.O.’s return to Europe includes ex-members of The River City Rebels (J.V. McDonough on bass) and The Midnight Creeps (Jami Sleaze on guitar and Cory “C IV” Taylor on drums).

* GOONIES – Zena Punk Rock, release party new album “Connessi e soli”

Ingresso GRATUITO,
Inizio ore 21:30 PUNTUALI

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