The DREAM Syndicate

  • 17 ottobre 2017 at 7:00 pm
  • Folk å Rock (Official)
Ingresso Libero

THE DREAM SYNDICATE gör en mycket exklusiv klubbspelning på intima FOLK Å ROCK tisdag den 17/10! 1980’s, Los Angeles, STEVE WYNN, Paisley Underground, Neo-Psychedelia, The Days of Wine and Roses, Medicine Show, Ghost Stories, Danny & Dusty! Öppnar 19, på scen 20 (stående publik). Entré 295kr. Förköp online via Fysiska biljetter hos Folk å Rock, Musik & Konst och Skivesset. Förköp rekommenderas! Bar, Café, Restaurang, Rockklubb & Merchandise.
Legendary indie rock band THE DREAM SYNDICATE will release their fifth studio album, How Did I Find Myself Here? on September 8th. It’s the band’s first album since 1988’s Ghost Stories.
Today, the Dream Syndicate shares a new single “Glide”.

Listen to “Glide” now:

Formed in Los Angeles in 1981, The Dream Syndicate was founded by current members Steve Wynn (guitar, vocals) and Dennis Duck (drums), along with Karl Precoda (guitar) and Kendra Smith (bass).
With its widely celebrated 1982 debut The Days of Wine and Roses, the band soon emerged at the forefront of the 1980s college-rock scene.

Over the years, the Dream Syndicate has proven to be a massively influential force in the world of alternative rock, with artists like Kurt Cobain listing the band among their inspirations.
As Wynn points out, the band itself was greatly influenced by underground pioneers like the Fall, the Gun Club, Neu!, and Big Star.

This fall, the Dream Syndicate will tour throughout Europe in support of How Did I Find Myself Here? Catch them live!