Thursday PUNK #2 : K7s (pop punk from Spain) + Goonies

  • 22 marzo 2018 - 23 marzo 2018 at 10:00 pm
  • Little Italy live music bar
Ingresso Libero

Sedia Booking Family, Otis Tour e Little Italy prodly presents:

– K7s | 100 % Pop Punk from Spain
K7s are a Pop Punk band from Spain. Their sugary sweet, hook laden, power-chords, encompass elements of punk, power pop,
and garage rock. Tossing a dash of Ramones, a sprinkle of MTX, a touch of Green Day, The Queers and The Muffs into a
blender, and you’ll get where we are coming from. Punk Rock with hooks-a-plenty, lyrics that’ll stick to your Chuck Taylor soul like
street corner melted bubblegum, and a knack for writing 3 minutes songs packing way more bounce to the ounce. Go ahead and
listen, we won’t judge you for pogoing!
FFO: Screeching Weasel, The Queers, Green Day, MTX, Lookout! Records

– GOONIES | Punk Rock Local Veterans
Banda di ragazzi, attivi dal 2001, sono invecchiati insieme alla scena genovese.
A Novembre, in collaborazione con Flamingo Records, è uscito il loro ultimo disco “Connessi e Soli”.
Bpm a manetta e barzellette sui pugili.

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