Dettagli del nuovo album dei MASKED INTRUDER

Dettagli del nuovo album dei MASKED INTRUDER
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Dettagli del nuovo album dei MASKED INTRUDER

Si intitolerà “M.I.” il nuovo album dei Masked Intruder, rivelazione del punk-rock d’oltreoceano. L’album sarà il successore del self titled del 2012 e uscirà il prossimo 27 maggio sempre via Fat Wreck.

Queste le parole di Intruder Blue: “We are extremely stoked on this record! We had a great time working with Matt Allison again and we couldn’t be happier with how the record came out! We can’t wait for everybody to hear it, especially all of the ladies out there! We really feel like we poured our hearts into this one, and we expect that the ladies are gonna pick up on that and maybe wanna make out with us. That’s the idea, anyway. Cool!!!”

Ecco invece la tracklist di “M.I.” :

1: I Fought the Law
2: The Most Beautiful Girl
3: Crime Spree
4: Saturday Night Alone
5: When I Get Out
6: Stars
7: Almost Like We’re Already In Love
8: Hey Girl
9: Don’t Run Away
10: You’re the One to Blame
11: Weirdo
12: I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye to You Tonight
13: Locked Up and Lonely

L’ultima uscita della pop punk band mascherata, “Under The Mistletoe 7”, risale allo scorso 10 dicembre.

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