DIRECT HIT! e PEARS: video di “Blood on Your Tongue” e “Ardous Angel”

I Direct Hit! e i Pears hanno rilasciato un video di due pezzi contenuti nell’Ep “Human Movement” in uscita il 3 novembre prossimo per Fat Wreck Chords.
I video in questione sono Blood on Your Tongue (Direct Hit!) e Ardous Angel (Pears).

Queste le parole dei due frontman:
Nick Woods (Direct Hit!): “This is a weird video about two groups of people who hate each other, but recognize a common evil and fight against it together.
On one side, you have this heroine who orchestrates a kidnapping and drugging to turn this smitten henchman into a weapon. And on the other, you have this kind of weird cleanup crew who paves the way for it to happen. In the end, the people at the top of the chain end up dead, and it’s the middleman tool who gets fucked over.”

Zach Quinn (Pears): “Part of this song is about being a kid who hears their parent fight. Divorce for some is traumatic, for others, it is a lifesaver. Additionally, I think this is PEARS’ first song with a standard pop structure, which doesn’t happen all too often.”