I NIGHT BIRDS entrano in studio

I NIGHT BIRDS entrano in studio
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I NIGHT BIRDS entrano in studio

Avevano fatto perdere le loro tracce, ma ora si rifanno vivi i Night Birds.
La punk band di NYC tornerà a breve in studio per iniziare le registrazioni del successore di “Mutiny at Muscle Beach” (2015, Fat Wreck Chords: http://www.punkadeka.it/night-birds-mutiny-at-muscle-beach/).

Queste le parole della band:

“To celebrate it being almost exactly 3 years since recording “Mutiny At Muscle Beach”, we thought we’d head back into Seaside Lounge Studios in Brooklyn this weekend to start work on a new album! No better way to shake 6 of the weirdest months of our collective lives of stir-crazy Winter than pounding coffee and finally putting these new tunes to tape. More details later, but we can’t wait to share what we’ve been cooking up. We will be back soon…”

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