Nuovo progetto per JIM LINDBERG

Nuovo progetto per JIM LINDBERG
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Nuovo progetto per JIM LINDBERG

Il frontman dei Pennywise Jim Lindberg, dopo essere tornato con Fletcher & Co. e dopo aver pubblicato “Yesterdays” (qui la nostra recensione:, ha annunciato di essere in studio con i Wraths, nuovo progetto del carismatico cantante. A domanda specifica su cosa i fans devono aspettarsi da questo Ep d’esordio, Jim ha risposto così:

“Well, we just recorded it. [laughs] In fact, we have to talk about how it’s gonna look. In 2014, how you release music is extremely different than ten years ago and almost a year ago. These days, a lot of people just put it on Youtube [laughs], that’s all they have to do. If there’s any musicians out there, speaking of that, retaining the masters is a really good thing, you know? There was a time when you didn’t feel like you were legitimate unless you were on a record label, but these days, it’s very easy to get your music out there and you own the rights to it. That’s a really good thing for a musician when musicians have been shit upon for the last decade and a half with what’s going on in the digital world. That’s one of the good things when it comes to digital distribution of music. You can control all your rights and how you want to do things now instead of some Barney at the record label.”

Non ci resta che aspettare ulteriori news.

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