SOCIAL DISTORTION: Mike Ness parla del nuovo album

SOCIAL DISTORTION: Mike Ness parla del nuovo album
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SOCIAL DISTORTION: Mike Ness parla del nuovo album

“Once this tour ends, we’ll spend six to nine months in pre-production. Then we’ll record the album. I’ll do some reference recordings at our studio, but they’ll be pretty crude. For arrangements and experimenting with stuff, the recordings don’t need to be high-quality.”

Mike also explained why the band takes a long time to make records, “Journalists will say, ‘It’s been seven years since your last record.’ But it didn’t take seven years to write the record. It probably took seven years to wind down from five years of touring. And I have a family, I have responsibilities. Sometimes I need five years to live life, so I have stuff to write about. Sometimes I don’t pick up a guitar for six months, but when I do pick it up, the past six months pour out of me.”

He was also asked if it’s too early to offer a preview of the new record, and his response was, “There are things about Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes I want to keep, but the next album may have more of a garage feel to it. I want it to have a little bit more high energy. And for this new record, unfortunately, I feel like I have to write the album of my career. There’s going to be a lot of thought put into it.”

Con queste parole Mike Ness, leader della storica punk band Social Distortion, annuncia l’imminente inizio dei lavori per il successore di “Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes” (2011, Epitaph Records).
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  1. Susanna Tavola ha detto:

    Stefano Ingegneri ????

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    Usicra’ nel 2030 se va bene <3

  3. Roberto Dagnino ha detto:

    Sonia Gin Pederzini fatti contenta

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