STREET DOGS: parola a Mike McColgan

STREET DOGS: parola a Mike McColgan
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STREET DOGS: parola a Mike McColgan

In una recente intervista esclusiva per, Mike McColgan (frontman degli Street Dogs e fondatore dei Dropkick Murphys) ha parlato dei piani della punk-rock band di Boston.
Questo il passaggio in cui Mike parla del futuro della band:

Next on the list for you guys is Hi Fi Rock Fest, right? There’s nothing between now and the end of September, right?
I think, as far as Street Dogs go, no matter where we play, we’ve always tried to make the audience an active participant in the show, and engage the audience whenever we can. I think as far as California goes, they were very receptive to that, and they continue to be when we go out there to play. I attribute it to the that; that we’re not reserved and we don’t stand back when we play live. We attack right in to the crowd and try to get people involved and into it, you know? I think that’s done us well out there in California.”

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