SWINGIN’UTTERS: addio del batterista Greg McEntee

SWINGIN’UTTERS: addio del batterista Greg McEntee
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SWINGIN’UTTERS: addio del batterista Greg McEntee

“Since forming the Swingin’ Utters with friends in the 80’s, I’ve spent most of my life playin’ in the band. So with a heavy heart I announce that I’m leaving. It’s been an incredible journey. I’ve traveled and played music around the world with friends. I’ve met, played with and became friends with some of my most admired musicians. As a kid, music helped me to survive and it was always my dream to tour the world. I appreciate the life I was given and was able to share it with the Utters. To my friends Johnny Bonnel and Darius Koski, words fail me. We three have been to hell and back. We remained the core of the Utters and are survivors. To Jack Dalrymple, Miles Peck, all Utters past and present, the decades of fans’ support, Mike, Erin, all at Fat Wreck Chords, Stormy and Leave Home Booking, I thank you fer all you’ve done and I got nothin’ but love fer y’all. Wherever my musical journey takes me next I hope to see y’all and continue our friendships. Peace & love.”
(fonte: http://www.fatwreck.com/news/detail/827)

Con queste parole lo storico batterista (e membro fondatore) degli Swingin’Utters Greg McEntee, dopo ben 27 anni, lascia la storica punk rock band di San Francisco.
Il suo posto viene preso da Luke Ray, già batterista dei compianti Cobra Skulls.

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