TIM ARMSTRONG ci narra: Under The Influence

TIM ARMSTRONG ci narra: Under The Influence
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TIM ARMSTRONG ci narra: Under The Influence

Avete letto bene.. sarà Tim Armstrong a narrare e a condurci nel viaggio a scoprire le scene del  New York Hardcore,  del  2Tone Ska, del tedesco Krautrock.. nella nuova web series targata Noisey.

“Under the Influence looks into some of the most important music scenes of our time, exploring the people, bands, and styles that changed the course of music forever. Narrated by modern day punk legend Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Operation Ivy, Transplants), Noisey delves deep into the worlds of New York Hardcore, British 2Tone Ska, and German Krautrock to find how these scenes were created, and how they continue to shape art, music, and culture today. Join us as we circle the globe to meet to everyone from x to y, to witness life under the influence.”

Il trailer che annuncia “Under The Influnce” è visibile di seguito.


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