DEATH BY STEREO: lavori in corso

Just wanted to drop everyone a line and let you all know what’s going on with DBS and the tour. We are not going to be able to announce a full tour for a bit. We have a lot of different things going on right now as individuals and just can’t make it out on the road quite yet. We will be announcing some shows coming up but not a full tour. We are working on some new recordings and will have a release to tell you about soon! As soon as Efrem and Dan get off the road we will begin recording. That means new music soon! As soon as we know anything else we will let you know! Thank you all for your support and we will have more news asap!!! Much love from Dan, Efrem, J.p., Mike and Robbo! DBSxD4L!”

Queste le parole dei Death By Stereo che annunciano i lavori per il nuovo album, successore di “Black Sheep of the American Dream” dell’aprile dello scorso anno.


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