Dettagli del nuovo album dei MAD CADDIES

Il 13 maggio prossimo uscirà per la Fat Wreck “Dirty Rice”, il nuovo album dei californiani Mad Caddies.

Questa la tracklist:

1 Brand New Scar
2 Love Myself
3 Down and Out
4 Shoot Out the Lights
5 Dangerous
6 Bring It Down
7 Shot In the Dark
8 Little Town
9 Airplane
10 Callie’s Song
11 Back To the Bed
12 Drinking the Night Away

Queste invece le parole di presentazione del bassista Graham Palmer:

After a few years of writing and pre-production, we took the songs back to where it all started for the band- us– at our drummer’s studio at his parents’ ranch in Santa Ynez, California. After Fat Mike came down in September to help us sort through about 25 songs ideas, we emerged at the end of the year with the twelve tracks that became Dirty Rice. We’re excited to hit the road and share our new music with the fans”.

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