J.Cape: Doesn’t Play Well With Others

In attesa di vederlo in tour con il compagno di sempre Jon Snodgrass e un altro nome importante della scena californiana quale Tony Sly, Mr Cape ha rilasciato recentemente un’annuncio circa le modalità di pubblicazione del proprio nuovo lavoro solista, intitolato appunto “Doesn’t Play Well With Others“.
Ecco cosa ci aspetta:
Hi. Joey Cape here. 
I will release 1 song each and every month of 2010. 
Beginning January 11 a new song will be available each month for download from my online store @ www.joeycape.com.
By the end of 2010 the 12 songs released will make up my new record entitled “Doesn’t Play Well With Others”. 
Here is a first glance at the cover artwork by Violet S. Cape.
After all songs have been made available for download, “Doesn’t Play Well With Others” will also be released on CD and Vinyl. 
There will also be an option for a subscription with some super special extras @ www.joeycape.com.
Those who get a subscription will get each song as it is released throughout 2010, PLUS in January of 2011 they will receive a package containing a limited edition, one time version of the album with exclusive art on CD, colored Vinyl, and an exclusive T-shirt, all differing from later releases!
Thanks for reading this, if you managed to read all of it! JC
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