Nuovo album e nuovo batterista per i BELVEDERE

I Belvedere, melodic hardcore band canadese, hanno annunciato l’entrata nella line up di Casey Lewis come nuovo batterista.
Inoltre il gruppo, attraverso le parole del frontman Steve Rawles, ha annunciato l’idea di comporre un nuovo album.

Ecco le sue parole:
We’re stoked to get up a brand new site for the band. We’ve been a little quiet in the show department over the last few months. I’ve been back in school learning how to do stuff like this nice little website. The good news to that is we’ve been jamming pretty steadily and have written a few new songs. We’ll have updates on what that’s turning into soon. We’ll also be playing a show in Calgary on November 26th. Be sure to check out all the tabs on the site and send us a message on the “contact” section if you have any comments, or want to ask us questions. We’ll try to answer as soon as we can. Also be sure to welcome Casey Lewis to the band. A few of you have probably noticed he’s been playing with the band since May. He’s fitting in nicely. Thanks for reading ~ Steve


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