Nuovo EP per i DEAD TO ME: “I Wanna Die In Los Angeles”

I Dead To Me sono tornati! “I Wanna Die In Los Angeles” sarà il nuovo EP che uscirà il 21 ottobre su Fat Wreck Chords ed il primo nuovo ed esclusivo materiale della band dopo essere mancati dalla scena per ben cinque anni! Registrato presso gli Oakland Jingletown Studios, il cantante/bassista/compositore Tyson Annicharico (aka pollo), ha assunto anche il ruolo di produttore, miscelando il tutto con l’esperienza di Ian MacGregor. “I Wanna Die In Los Angeles” è l’inizio del prossimo capitolo dei Dead To Me, dopo la triste dipartita di Annicharico che ha voluto spiegare così, ai fan della band, di esser tornati in pista più in forma e forti di prima.


“I Wanna Die In Los Angeles” was written with the idea that, at this point in my life, if I relapse and choose to go back to using drugs and alcohol the way that I have in the past, that I might as well be saying to myself that I do indeed want to “Die in Los Angeles.” I have a history of periods of sobriety, followed by bad relapses that last years at a time. After my last run, I ended up in a psych ward and was completely non-functional. I’m coming up on two years sober now and it’s important for me to remember how bad things were. With time and distance it gets easy to sort of downplay the severity of my drug and alcohol use, so the song is a bit of an exercise in accountability, as it were. It’s a weird one too because the song is super fun to play however, to be hones,t I don’t really like to sing it because the lyrics make me feel depressed. Especially the part about how people would probably say “he was almost decent, but I’m glad he’s through,” in reference to what it would be like if I did relapse again and not make it back alive. But I think that’s the point, to take a look at the reality of the potential repercussions of my using.

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