MURDERBURGERS: nuovo 7” in uscita

Il pop-punk trio scozzese Murderburgers ha annunciato la futura uscita di un 7” intitolato “Some Kind of Rammy”.

Queste e parole della band: “We spent Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of January 2014 recording our new 7? E.P with Boab @ Punk/Rock Rammy, which will be out later this year on Bloated Kat Records. Most of the time was spent winding each other up, eating junk food, dancing, swearing and having a lovely time. With all that said, we managed to get all of the instruments recorded. We will post part 2 of this exciting and gripping documentary after we record the vocals, and then eventually we will stop wasting everyone’s time with stupid videos and just put out the new shit.”

In allegato il teaser video del 7”.

L’ultimo lavoro dei Murderburgers è “These Are Only Problems”, uscito lo scorso 8 ottobre per Asian Man Records/Monster Zero Records.

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