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Nuovo album per gli STREET DOGS

Eccola la notizia che molti di noi stavano aspettando: gli Street Dogs stanno tornando con un nuovo, attesissimo, album.
“Stand For Something or Die For Nothing” uscirà il 22 aprile prossimo per Cetury Media: “The dumbing down of America is a reason to write songs in 2018. The theme is wake the fuck up and the working class needs to unite across all colors, creeds, nationalities, genders and realize that we are being pitted against each other by snake oil salesmen and autocrats. Punk, to me, is people living how they want to not how they are told to“: queste le parole del frontman Mike McColgan (ex Dropkick Murphys).

Questa la tracklist:

Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing
Other Ones
The Comeback Zone
Angels Calling (feat. Slain)
These Ain’t The Old Days
Working Class Heroes
Lest We Forget
The Round Up
Mary On Believer Street
Never Above You, Never Below You
Torn And Frayed
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