Bad Optix è il nome del nuovo progetto di Tim Timebomb, aka Tim Armstrong e Jesse Michaels.
Gli ex Operation Ivy si affiancano al batterista Joe Castillo (Danzig, The Bronx e Circle Jerks) e al bassista Spencer Pollard (Trash Talk) e formano una nuova band che, dai rumors in rete, sarebbe stata in cantiere già da molti anni.
Il pezzo fa parte di una collana intitolata The Hellcat Singles Club che vedrà la pubblicazione di singoli di molte band vicine a Tim Armstrong e al mondo Hellcat Records.


Queste le parole di presentazione di Tim:

I’ve been friends with Jesse since the early 1980s when we were teenagers. We formed Operation Ivy in 1987 and 2 years later we broke up. Jesse and I both continued down our own musical journeys through the years. I always felt a little sadness that Jesse and I stoped making music together. But we never lost touch. And then it happened. A few years ago we started writing songs again! A couple of the songs ended up on Grade 2’s record. Jesse and I just stared writing again a lot. It came back. Just like that. Like when we we were kids. There is a special chemistry between us and I don’t take it for granted.
Joey and I have been friends for years and I have loved all the work he has done drumming for the likes of Circle Jerks, The Bronx, Trash Talk and Wasted Youth (just to name a few). He is one of the best drummers in the world and a dear friend.
I met and became quick friends with Spencer a few years back when Joey brought Trash Talk over to record at my studio. I love the band Trash Talk so much. An incredible band and phenomenal people. The rhythm section of Joey and Spencer is as good as it gets and their respected styles has added another element to the song writing.
So, this is our first single RAID and there are a ton more BAD OPTIX songs to come.
– tim armstrong
Queste invece quelle di Jesse:
hi  friends, I am in a new band with Tim Armstrong, joey Castillo, and Spencer Pollard. Can’t say much about it because I’m literally driving right now. But here’s our first track: https://badoptix.ffm.to/raid and for more info check my insta @jesse9michaels. thanks to everybody who has followed and/or encouraged my musical output over the years and hope you enjoy the song!
Qui sotto la prima traccia pubblicata, Raid.
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