MEAN JEANS sotto Fat Wreck

I Mean Jeans, terzetto punk-rock di Portland, hanno firmato per Fat Wreck Chords.
Queste le parole di commento di Jeans Wilder (batterista/cantante):

“The very first show I ever went to was in 96 in Vienna, Austria to see NOFX, Weezer, and Lagwagon. I remember purchasing a Lagwagon ringer tee and putting it on immediately, because wearing a shirt of the band you are seeing is the cool thing to do. Especially since I hadn’t even heard Lagwagon before. A year later I bumped into Chris Flippin outside of a show at that same venue and he brought me and my friends on the Lagwagon tour bus. We talked about how Blink-182 had dropped off the tour because they had to film the video for “Dammit” and about how the new album Double Plaidinum was somewhat of a departure from Hoss. Later that year I shit my pants* on the way home from a Good Riddance show. Many many years later I acquired Tré Cool’s cell phone number and tried to trade it to someone for Fat Mike’s cell phone number. I was denied. Needless to say, myself and the Mean Jeans are very excited to be joining the FAT family. It is 5:30am on our way to FEST so excuse the boring story, it’s the best we got at this time of day. 

* I had borrowed my friend’s pants that day so I guess technically I shit HIS pants…”

I Mean Jeans vanno quindi ad aggiungersi al già ricchissimo rooster dell’etichetta di Fat Mike, etichetta che, a mio strettissimo e personalissimo parere, si conferma essere la migliore sulla piazza.
In attesa della prima uscita de MJ.

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