Compilation acustica per la FAT WRECK CHORDS

Compilation acustica per la FAT WRECK CHORDS
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Compilation acustica per la FAT WRECK CHORDS

La Fat Wreck Chords, storica etichetta californiana fondata dal Fat Mike, ha annunciato la futura uscita di una compilation acustica che sarà formata da 17 tracce “unplugged”.
tra i partecipanti ci saranno il compianto Tony Sly, Joey Cape, i Get Dead, Swingin’Utters, Yoytam (Useless ID), Anti-Flag, Against Me! e tanti altri.

Queste le parole di presentazione direttamente dall’etichetta di San Francisco:
We have a new FAT comp! Mild in the Streets: Fat Music Unplugged will be released on July 1st. This is a collection of songs from punk bands and singers who trade in their blaring amps and distortion pedals for acoustic guitars and minimalist arrangements. Jammed with 16 soulful songs, including 5 previously unreleased, this comp is a great listen front to back, and just what we need to get the day rolling. Capped by a bonus track of a full symphony recording of NOFX’s “The Decline,” this new comp is a unique must-have. And a big thanks to all the Fat Record Store fans who appear on the cover! Find your face and tell your friends, you’re on the cover of a FAT record!

Cliccando sul link che segue potete vedere l’intera tracklist e pre-ordinare l’album:

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  1. Chicco Lattepiu ha detto:

    Dice ci sarà anche Bob Dylan

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