SOS Svetlanas

SOS Svetlanas
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SOS Svetlanas

Purtroppo ieri, nella tappa di San Francisco del tour americano, gli Svetlanas sono stati vittima di un furto.
La band in un attimo ha perso parte dei loro soldi, 2 passaporti, vestiti, hard disk, pc e tablet, parti di strumentazione e altro…

Per chi vuole/riesce a supportare la band è stata aperta una pagina di crowdfounding o è possibile fare un’offerta tramite paypal all’indirizzo

Di seguito il comunicato della band:

Touring is great, we do love to stay on the road but sometimes things can get raugh. We got robbed yesterday in San Francisco and we’re extremely grateful to Liza and Travis from Hammerlock, Dave Dictor and all the guys from Millions of Dead Cops and Ilya the promoter of our Oakland show for giving us an immediate economical help and full support.
It always great to have true friends out there thank you guys.

We got part of the money of the tour stolen, clothes, a laptop, a tablet, an hard drive, two passports and many other things. Fortunately they didn’t have the time to stole any personal instruments except for some small drums accessories. The damange is around $5000+ and it’s a huge loss of money. We’re on the road and it’s hard for us to set any crowdfounding page so whoever is willing to help can send an economical help to our PayPal address
Once home we’ll send you a small gift to say thank you. BTW the show must go on so see you tonight at The Redwood in Los Angeles!

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