Anche il Punk Rock Holiday (qualcuno ci ha sperato fino alla fine) si rimanda al 2022…
di seguito il comunicato:

We lost the second set to Covid 19, but the match is not over yet!

Since most of the bands and our friendly festivals around Europe have lost hope in the past few weeks, it’s also time for us to give up on the idea of having a normal gathering in Tolmin this August.

There’s still a chance that the festival could happen this August, but since PRH Family is worldwide, we can’t ignore the fact that many of you won’t be able to travel to Slovenia this August, most of the bands can’t make their tours happen… We still don’t have any guidelines of what rules we have to follow to safely host the event or how many people under what circumstances can attend…

Well, the list goes on, but since we’re all aware of the situation, there’s no need for a 5 page explanation…

The most reasonable option is to postpone the festival to 2022 again. At this point we must kindly ask you again to keep your tickets for the 2022 event. Keeping your ticket keeps our independent festival afloat and it’s the biggest support you can give us in these dark times for live music events and we can’t thank you enough.

Things are moving forward and we might be able to do an alternative smaller event in Tolmin this year. We are collecting infos and working on ideas to make it happen and will continue to do so in the following days and try to make at least something happen. So keep your eyes peeled if you wish to join us 😉

Stay healthy, positive and we really hope we ALL meet in Tolmin in full capacity and with no restrictions for hugs and kisses in 2022.

Love you all! ??

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