DOWN BY LAW: si lavora per il nuovo EP

DOWN BY LAW: si lavora per il nuovo EP
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DOWN BY LAW: si lavora per il nuovo EP

La storica punk-rock band Down By Law ha annunciato tramite facebook che i lavori per il nuovo EP sono ufficialmente cominciati.

Queste le parole dei DBL:

“Ok, here’s the deal: We will be putting out a 6 song (at least) ep in December. The exact date will be announced later. It’ll be available on both compact disc and as an online download via bandcamp. 

We will be taking preorders from now until Nov. 8th. Preorderers (is that a word?) will recieve the CD a week before it’s available to everyone else, as well as an 11×17 poster signed by the whole band. The preorder price is $13.70, which includes shipping in the continental US. We can do foreign orders as well, but PM me the address as the shipping will probably be a little more.

Paypal address is Be sure to include your mailing address (duh).

We’ll be adding more details as they come. Please help by spreading the word as this is totally D.I.Y. and we can use all the help and promotion we can get.



L’ultimo lavoro da studio dei Down By Law, “Champions At Heart”, risale allo scorso agosto.

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