THE LAWRENCE ARMS: addio Fat Wreck, si firma per Epitaph

I Lawrence Arms, dopo una lunga militanza tra le file della Fat Werck Chrords, annunciano la firma con un’altra storica etichetta statunitense: la Epitaph di Brett Gurewitz, chitarrista dei Bad Religion.

Questo l’annuncio direttamente dal blog della punk-rock band di Chicago:

“We’re super excited to announce that the Lawrence Arms have signed to Epitaph. We went and visited them in LA, we had some laughs and some grilled cheeses. We talked to Brett underneath the original painting of the Against the Grain cover (awesome!) and we thought that, shit, what better way to come back from a long break than on the label that put out most of the records that got us into punk rock in the first place?”

E non è finita qui: il nuovo album, il sesto della carriera ormai quasi quindicennale dei Lawrence Arms, uscirà proprio per l’etichetta di Hollywood.

Questo il saluto alla Fat Wreck:

“Fat’s amazing. We love them. There’s no reason to leave except for we had the opportunity to try something new and awesome and we decided to spice shit up. Mike is a good friend and a personal hero of ours. We’re honored that he and Erin would even listen to our dumb band, much less bring us in and do all they’ve done for us. We never wanted anything from Fat that we didn’t get. That includes the freedom to try new things when we decide we wanna try new things. Besides, we didn’t LEAVE Fat. That’s crazy talk. We’ll always consider ourselves to be a Fat band. Sundowner put a record out on Fat this fall, to give you an idea of how things stand over there.”

L’ultimo lavoro dei Lawrence Arms è l’EP “Buttsweat and Tears”, uscito nel 2009 proprio per Fat Wreck Chords.

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